Borgo de Medici Black Squid Ink Bow Tie Pasta (8.8oz)

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Imported from Italy
Made with Durum Wheat Semolina and Cuttle Fish Ink
Classy,Elegant shape and color
Farfalle al nero di seppia
Black Squid Ink


Borgo De Medici Black and White Tie is made from a dough of Durum Wheat Semolina, and the color is made with cuttlefish ink. Cuttlefish ink is superior than regular squid ink because of its rounded, smooth flavor. As Venetian cooks have shown, it's only the mellow, velvety, warm-tasting ink of cuttlefish ("seppie" in Italian) that is suitable for pasta sauce, risotto, and other black dishes.

The perfect choice for a black tie affair. Add a bit of class to your plate with this super chic shape.