House Of Reign Clear Umbrella BIG ARCH 46 inch for Women | Weddings with EXTRA STRONG Reinforced Fiberglass Ribs Fit for Two

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PERFECT TO FIT TWO PEOPLE - With the diameter of 41 inch when open, this big clear umbrella provides maximum coverage from the rain . This Transparent umbrella is designed to fit two people, it provides a large 46-inch arch, thus covering you and your loved ones comfortably.
DURABLE AND STRONG - Well-built of 8 reinforced fiberglass ribs, makes this plastic umbrella super strong. This see through umbrella is made of a windproof POE fabric that is durable and resistant to harsh weather elements.
ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT - Anchor this automatic open, clear umbrella on your baby stroller to provide protection for your loved ones. The hook handle allows space-saving storage when you hang the bubble umbrella behind your door. You can also fling it onto the shower head in your bathroom if you want to dry the umbrella.
FUNCTIONAL AND COMPACT - For those that live in cities and use public transportation means or even do long walk stretches, you need something compact. With its Folded length of 31 inch, this transparent umbrella is easy to carry, whether in briefcase or by hand, especially if you walk longer. This clear umbrella is incredibly easy to open and close courtesy of the automatic opener.
100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - Backed up by a 1 year money back guarantee, if you have any problems, we'll replace your umbrella or give you your money back.


Are you struggling to find a unique and fashionable clear umbrella that you can purchase? WELL, worry no more. This see-through umbrella will solve your struggles without being torn between designs.
Sometimes there are those bad rainy days that can disorient you. Be a disaster especially if you don't have a wind-resistant umbrella to protect yourself with from the rain. No one wants to be rained when expecting a cheerful and great day.
However, if you are well prepared for the unexpected then your perception could change. If that rainy day finds you having a durable umbrella, your high hopes for a cheerful and great day are possible.

This transparent umbrella is uniquely designed and you will probably notice that not too many people have them around your area. It's design is slightly different from that of a traditional umbrella. This full coverage plastic umbrella is designed to have sides that drop a little further hence encasing you in such a way that rain drops won't touch you.

With this clear bubble umbrella you will not stumble upon people as it provides you with a clear view of the happenings around you. It, therefore, takes away the traditional struggle of trying to lift an umbrella a bit higher from your head so as to see around.

This clear bubble umbrella is style, well, it is style. Traditional umbrellas are rather bland and boring. This bubble umbrella can be presented as a fashion accessory to go well with any outfit of the day. This clear umbrella is a great gift to offer to your loved ones especially during special gatherings and during winter seasons.

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