Congee Pork Knorr Cup Joke Organic Thai Jasmine Rice Hot Cereal Vitamin B 1 Breakfast Foods Porridge Instant - 18-ounce for 4Packs

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Very delicious and easy to cook
Pour instant rice cream into a mug.
Add 250ml of hot water.
Stir well, wait for 2 minutes and then enjoy.
Made From: Jasmine Rice, Rice Flour, Salt, MSG, Pork, Sugar, Herbs.


This is one of my favourite Thai dishes. Joke is very popular amongst locals and visitors alike. Thai people like to eat Joke for breakfast, I can eat it anytime. One of my favourite restaurants in Chiang Mai is called, "Joke Somphet", you guessed it, they sell just Joke and they are open 24 hours a day. Delicious, warm soup for the heart and soul, this is an everyday meal that is often eaten by someone feeling ill similar to the way chicken soup might be used in America. In Thailand you can always find a street vendor offering congee, known in Thai as "Joke" (taken from Cantonese language), early in the morning. This is often accompanied with Thai donuts. A similar recipe is khao tom which is not as thick as joke. Enjoy the pictures below as you can see a vendor making Joke the traditional way. Simple and delicious, and not only nutritious but also easy to eat so it's a fine remedy for someone feeling ill. We offer an instant joke porridge by Mama. Joke is part of our Sidewalk Tour of Thong Lor district in Bangkok. It's best made with broken rice, link below.