Professional Knee Pads for Work by Thunderbolt with Heavy Duty Foam Cushioning and Gel Cushion Perfect for Construction, Flooring and Gardening with Adjustable Non-Slip Straps

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BUY NOW! Sale Ends March 31st! New design delivers extra protection and comfort to quadriceps tendon and below knee Patellar tendon. Upgraded soft gel core provides superior protection.
Heavy duty non-slip shield protects knees and damage to clothing while preventing abrasion to surfaces.
Highest quality construction. Upgraded reinforced stitching. Lasting comfort and support. Made with ballistic nylon, breathable neoprene and PVC.
Multiple applications: Use for Work, Construction, Flooring, HVAC, Gardening, Carpentry, Airsoft, Tactical, Roofing, Tiling, Cleaning
Fully Adjustable easy velcro fastening system gives secure and all day comfort. Quick and easy to put on and take off. Includes free 7" extension straps! Will fit EVERYONE!


Thunderbolt Gel Knee Pads give you the best protection and comfort for men and women.
Secure velcro fasteners offer the most comfort. Herramientas Rodilleras Excellente!
Quick and easy to wear.
Breathable mesh and neoprene keeps you cool and dry.

Ergonomically Designed For:
Tactical and many more applications.

Order your Thunderbolts today!