Rexing GPS Logger for Rexing V1 3rd Gen, V1P 3rd Gen, V2

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COMPATIBILITY: Made to use with Rexing V1 3rd Generation, V1P 3rd Generation, and V2 dash cams. NOTE: This product is NOT compatible with other Rexing dash cams, including the previous generation Rexing V1 or V1P.
MAP YOUR JOURNEY: See your exact path taken, play back your recordings with highly detailed location and speed information using our free GPS Logger software.
IMPORTANT METRICS: Gives you the option to record your when, where, and how fast you were traveling with several metrics that can prove to be highly useful in reporting a driving incident.
ACCURATE DATE AND TIME: Updates your dash cam's time and date to your time zone, ensuring your footage's time stamp stays accurate.


The Rexing GPS Logger is a compatible accessory to be used with Rexing V1P 3rd Generation, V2 and V1 3rd Generation dash cams. When connected to a compatible dash cam, it will record the speed and location of your vehicle as you drive. You can then access this information while playing back your recordings using the free GPS Logger desktop software.

NOTE: Not compatible with other Rexing dash cams, including previous generation V1 and V1P. Please search for Rexing GPS Logger for V1 and V1P if you own one of those dash cams.