Espua Hot Chorizo Ring (Sarta)

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All Natural, no nitrates or nitrites added
Made with pork raised without antibiotics
True Spanish recipe, made in the USA
Mild spicy


Back in the old Spain a common way to present dry cured sausages was in the form of a ring. The shape made it easy to tie together, hang and cure. In Spanish these ring salami are called "Sarta", which literally means a set of objects tied together with twine. Spanish ring salami are of a thin diameter, under 1 and a 1/2", have a small grind and are cured for 30 days, or less. The thin diameter and small grind make for a small and uniform slice, fat and lean are usually of the same size. Espua Hot Chorizo Ring 7oz, same classic flavour of Espua's sweet Chorizo but with some spicy heat.