PQ Earplugs for Sleep Ear Plugs for Sleeping - Noise Cancelling 32 dB - Comfortable & Reusable Ear Plugs for for Snoring - with Reusable Earplugs for Swimming & Traveling

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FINALLY YOUR EARPLUGS! - If you tried different types of earplugs for sleep, then for sure you are familiar with such problems as falling ear plugs off the ears during sleep or a feeling of discomfort and pain from the stiffness of the material. We took this into account. The new generation of E-Soft material will perfectly fix your PQ Ear plugs for sleeping into the ear canal for perfect sleep! With our earplugs for sleeping you will forget about sleepless nights.
DO YOU HAVE SNORING PARTNER? - We know snoring is a medical condition that affects more and more people due to multiple causes, but in fact it's usually the people around that suffer more from the snoring noise. Solution is to use PQ earplugs for sleep with noise cancelling level 32 dB. Get a good night's rest away from all the loud snoring noise with PQ Ear Plugs for Sleeping.
NOISE REDUCTION 32 dB. - PQ earplugs for sleep have been tested and proved for noise cancellation. With a Noise Cancelling Rating of 32 decibels, PQ Sleep Earplugs allow you to hear warning signals like fire alarms, emergency calls, loud comments, and crying children. PQ Ear Plugs for sleep provide an uncompromised balance between performance and comfort for sleep.
WITH STORAGE CASE - Conveniently carry your PQ Earplugs for noise cancelling with you everywhere you go, while keeping them clean. A sterile case of PQ Earplugs for sleeping ensures protection from debris, dirt and moisture that could harm you ear canal. PQ Earplugs for Sleep come with 35 disposable pairs of foam earplugs and 1 Pair of wax earplugs.
YOU ALSO GET REUSABLE EARPLUGS - We attached a pair of reusable ear plugs for swimming or travel with three undulating barriers, each of which serves for your protection - neither water nor noise can sneak. Use reusable PQ Earplugs to take a shower or bath, travel or work... You get earplugs for sleep and reusable earplugs noise cancelling, travel and swimming



Try PQ Earplugs for Sleep - Be Healthier with PQ Ear Plugs!

1) 35 pairs of foam earplugs for sleep - soft, elastic and effective odds that will help you relax before going to sleep, reduce noise in any environment and grab pq earplugs for a long time.

2) Additional 1 Pair of Reusable Earplugs - great choice to take it with you and use them everywhere. PQ Earplugs provide good noise cancelling for travel, work and shooting. You may also use them for water protection during swimming.

3) Holding case is included - you will store your ear plugs for sleeping in a sterile, specially designed box, which will always be at hand!

Get Rest with PQ EarPlugs:

Choosing us you get:
A. Healthy Sleep
B. Noise Cancelling ear plugs for Snoring
C. Gentle Fixation in the ear for a long time
D. Noise Reduction of 32 dB
E. Storage Case to Go!
F. Bonus Pair of Reusable Earplugs
G. Soft Earplugs for Comfortable Sleep

Product Certified in Accordance With EN 352-2 Standard

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