DEBRA WEITZNER Driving Gloves Touchscreen Winter Gloves for Women Cotton Black

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MAX COMFORT! Our fleece gloves for women is the ultimate choice for combining fashion and convenience. Made of 80% cotton, our driving gloves women are breathable yet warm. The soft material will allow your fingers to bend, providing flexibility as well as a secure grip when driving or cycling. The fleece lined interior will keep your hands and fingers warm, snuggly and protected.
TOUCHSCREEN GLOVES! The touch screen design on these warm gloves allows for use with iPhone, iPad, or any touch-screen device without exposing your fingers to the cold!
FASHIONABLE! Womens gloves that are beautifully fashionable and sleek, yet will keep you protected from wind and cold weather. Appropriate for occasions that call for dress gloves yet are perfect as everyday gloves as well. Slim design fits snuggly around hand with dainty leather-look bow design for feminine look.
ELEGANCE AND CLASS! Choose a pair of classic black or wine colored cold-weather gloves for a sophisticated look. Better yet, grab a pair of each! One-size; fits most standard sized women's hands.
EXCLUSIVE GIFT IDEA! Encased in our bonus gift box from Debra Weitzner, this womens fleece glove is the ideal gift for women that will make your loved ones happy this Christmas! Warm their hands and hearts by getting them a pair or two of beautifully gift packaged ladies winter gloves as a holiday gift, birthday gift, or just because!


Our womens driving gloves touchscreen are the ultimate choice if you are looking for convenience, comfort, and chic rolled into one. Made of 80% cotton, the fine material allows for flexing your fingers comfortably and driving securely. Our fleece lined gloves are snug fitting and will provide protection from cold weather, wind, and snow. The touchscreen design conveniently allows you to use any touch screen device without exposing your fingers to the biting cold. Packaged in a beautifully exclusive Debra Weitzner gift box, these cotton gloves for women in choice of classic black or wine colors make the most appreciated gift to family, friend, or self!!