JGCWorker Mod Kit Set for Nerf Stryf (STF-W004-6)

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WORKER MOD KITS-Compatible with Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe Blaster. Only mod kits, blaster is not included.
COOL STRUCTURE-This product is design for changing the Stryfe into kriss vector exterior, it is cool for those people who's interested in nerf ward games.
GOOD COMPATIBILITY-This item combined with different Worker mod kits, the magazine, stock, handgrip is replaceable, could be replaced if you want. Different kits make different exterior, really funny.
HIGH QUALITY-Made of ABS plastic which is a strong material, not easy broken. That makes it very useful in outdoor play.
PERFECT GIFT-As a toy, it is perfect gift for kids or Nerf fans. This item using soft darts and very safe.


JGCworker is a professional toy blaster manufacture. We've been producing toys for 14 years, and design many good blaster like Prophecy, Swordfish and Dominator. If you want know more about it, you could google 'JGCWorker'.
This product is mod kits for nerf stryfe blaster and change your blaster into kriss vector style, cooler faster and funnier. It's a pretty good experience that you could install your own blaster and you can also think of it as a handmade collection. If you are a nerf fans, it is a perfect product for your toys.

Item name: STF-W004-6 kriss vector toy
Weight: 850g
Material: Plastic and aluminum
Color: black
Package included: Shows in picture.

Mainly for the nerf toys.
Delicate and good quality toy accessory.
Gift for nerf toys game player and collectors.
Use for plastic and no hurtful accessory toys.
Just for harmless plastic sponge soft bullet toy only.

This products are just toys for Nerf toy only, all of them could not be matched any illegal products.
We not accept any request referring to any harmful speech.
Our products just a toy and all of them could not be seen as the hurtful parts.
This product included small parts, be careful and can not swallow them.
All the products should be used by the ages above 14 years old.