LSD Silicone Contact Nipple Shield Standard 20mm Healthy Baby Care Kits with Case for Breastfeeding Mothers,2Pcs

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Includes two shields and a protective case for storage,flexible 100% silicone,Standard 20mm
Can be used when breast feeding or pumpin
Soft cushions Protect sore nipples and chafing.Gentle pressure on areola relieves engorgement. perfect for poor latch, flat/inverted & sore cracked nipples
Ventilation holes create air circulation
Washable or sterilized by boiling.Comfort breast shells should not be worn for more than 40 minutes at a time


Comfort breast shells protect sore, cracked nipples and provide relief from engorgement during or between pumping and nursing. The ventilated inner shell, padded by a soft silicone cushion, gently presses on the areola, creating a slow trickle of milk. The outer shell prevents leaks, holding the milk until it can be collected or discarded. The silicone shells and pads can be sterilized by boiling.