Breast Pump Kit for Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breastpump. Includes 2 Tubing, 2 Breastshields (25 mm, Medium), 4 Valves, 6 Membranes; Replacement Kit for Medela Pump Parts, Made by Maymom

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Contains 4 valves, 6 membranes, 2 pump in style tubing and two 25-mm (medium) one-piece breastshields; Other sizes of breastshields for purchase - 19, 21, 24, 27, 29, 30, 36 mm.
US FDA registered medical device (No. D192499); Complies with US FDA standards for containers that contact food and class II medical device. Products are by US FDA inspected. Test reports are online for your reference;
BPA free; Retail packaging in a strong corrugated box; Sealed by the manufacturer.
Bottles are not included. You can use any Medela storage bottles or other inexpensive standard sized bottles (e.g. Gerber bottles, Playtex bottle, Ameda bottles) available from your local drug/grocery/dept stores.
4 years of experience in making high quality breast pump accessories for Medela Pumps; 100% compatibility with Medela pump accessories like Medela valves, Medela membranes and Medela tubing.


It is well known that using the correct breastshield size is important for your pumping comfort and optimal milk supply. One size will not fit all.

Compared to Medela valve, our design of valve allows your precious milk to flow easier into the bottle. The pump in style replacement tubing set will fit Medela Pump in Style Original (sold before 2004) and Pump in Style Advanced Breastpump sold after July 2006. Maymom breastshields can be connected with Medela storage bottles and other standard-sized bottles like Gerber, Playtex and Ameda. They are 100% compatible with Medela valve and Medela membrane.

Maymom is an independent company. Maymom is not affiliated with Medela.