Blulu 50 Pack Clothing Rack Size Dividers Rectangular Hangers Dividers with 1 Piece Marker Pen

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Package includes 50 pieces rectangular size dividers and 1 piece marker pen
The black marker pen allows you to create information on blank size dividers as your want, such as size, color, store logo, new items, etc.
These size dividers have an overall size of 2 x 5 inch (W x H) and will not easily fall from racks
These size dividers are constructed of sturdy plastic and has a slotted opening for easy installation
Help you organize the objects on closet, stock room, or sales floor


Material: sturdy plastic
Width: 2 inches (5 cm)
Length: 5 inches (12.7 cm)
Thickness: 0.08 inches (0.2 cm)
Inside diameter: 1.375 inches (3.5 cm)
Pen: non-washable

1. Black marker pen is non-washable, can be written with both ends.

2. 50 Pieces rack size dividers allow you to display and sort your objects through information such as size, color, store logo, holds, new items, etc.

3. These size dividers work with round and square rods.

Please make sure your closet rod is small enough for these size dividers to go on.

Package include:
50 * Size divider (rectangular)
1 * Marker pen (black)