EEZ-Y 58 Inch Portable Golf Umbrella Large Windproof Double Canopy - Automatic Open Strong Oversized Rain Umbrellas

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WHILE OTHER SIMILAR UMBRELLAS get easily flipped or inverted in the wind and break, the EEZ-Y 58" FOLDING GOLF UMBRELLA has a vented DOUBLE CANOPY construction that allows the wind to pass through the vents, preventing it from flipping over and breaking in strong gusts of wind. Your attire will never get damp again!
IT KEEPS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY SAFE AND DRY! The oversized 50" inch ( 127cm) Diameter Canopy provides perfect protection not only for you but your better half as well, your kids or even your dog! The 210T specially coated water repellent fabric and ergonomic EVA handle make it outperform any competition and you'll stay safe and dry!
WE DON'T SACRIFICE PORTABILITY TO PROTECTION, so you don't ever have to make this choice again! Foldable to merely 23" (59 cm), this Folding Golf Umbrella is way smaller and lighter (only 1.2 lb / 570g) than other umbrellas with similar sized canopy. It's the smart choice for a car umbrella, a couples brolly or for outdoors events!
WE STRONGLY BELIEVE that an umbrella should be easy to use. Simply OPEN the umbrella with a press of a button within one second, this feature gives you quick rain and sun protection. Moreover, our Premium Fiberglass and Stainless Steel Frame System makes sure you'll never have to throw it out in the middle of a storm.
WE STAND NOT ONLY FOR OUR PRODUCTS, but also for the best experience possible that our customers can have! Our LIFETIME GUARANTEE ensures that for the first 90 days we offer a full refund if it doesn't meet your expectations and a replacement warranty for the lifetime of your purchase! Better products, and the best in customer satisfaction. That's the EEZ-Y way!


Close your eyes and picture the ideal umbrella: Golf type but Foldable and Portable and in your favourite colour. Now open your eyes. It's done. And it's EEZ-Y.

The EEZ-Y 58" Folding Golf Umbrella performs the most important job of a great umbrella: it keeps you dry no matter the conditions without sacrificing portability to protection. You AND your best friend or significant other as it easily offers protection for two.

Its Oversized Canopy - 50" (127cm) edge-to-edge width, 58" (148cm) arch span and 23" (59 cm) closed length are unique on the market. And so is its light weight - 1.2 lb (570g) - as opposed to 1.7 lb (770g) with other similar sized umbrellas.

The core of the EEZ-Y Folding Golf Umbrella is the DOUBLE CANOPY construction. With conventional umbrellas, the wind rolls around the canopy and forces the edges up. But EEZ-Y's DOUBLE CANOPY construction allows the wind to pass through the vents while the secondary canopy keeps the water out, ensuring high resistance even to strong wind gusts.

We believe the EEZ-Y Folding Golf Umbrella is built so that you don't need to file a warranty claim, but just in case it doesn't meet your needs, we offer a LIMITED LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

That being said, how about some singing in the rain?

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