Thick & Easy Scrambled Eggs Puree with Potatoes, Cheese, & Bacon, 7 Ounce

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Hormel Vital Cuisine Ready to serve meals offer an all in one food option, they are packed with protein, contain up to at least 300 calories and ready in 60 seconds.
Easy to swallow- Our great tasting meals are perfect for dysphagia patients or anyone with swallowing difficulties.
No need to be refrigerated before opening and have a shelf life of 18 months.
Ready to serve meals come in a variety of flavors, making meal planning easy.
Great for emergency preparation


Thick and Easy Pureed Microwave Trays are ready when you need them. These nutritious trays are ready in 60 seconds and are easily stored in the dry pantry. They were developed by chefs who understand dysphagia and take pride in taste. You are always ready for the next pureed diet request when you have Thick and Easy Pureed Microwave Trays.