Bedwina Plush Puppy Dogs - (Pack of 12) 6 Inches Tall Stuffed Animals Bulk Assorted Puppies and Cute Stuffed Plushed Dog Puppies Assortment

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KIDS GO ABSOLUTELY MUTTS FOR THESE PUPS! Imagine your kids playing with their new furry friends! Because these plush puppy dogs come in 6 different collectors and styles, you'll be able to match one of these plush puppies with a real dog. Give your child a new fur-ever friend to learn the responsibilities of having a real pet, or just having fun in imagination play! This is great for you because your child is guaranteed to go mutts over these plush puppy dogs!
6 INCHES TALL! EXTRA SOFT AND LOVABLE: Our cute puppy stuffed dogs are made of soft, plush, huggable, squeezable material that's of a high enough quality to handle the everyday wear and tear and a little extra love. That means that your child will love playing pretend with these puppy dogs and may even just learn some responsibility about caring for a real animal.
CRITICAL! PREMIUM QUALITY: The problem with other plush puppy dog play-sets is that they are made from poor quality material that causes the stitching to easily come undone. Our stuffed animal puppies solve that problem! Why? That's because our cute stuffed puppy dogs are made of only high quality material and stitching that doesn't come undone, which means that you'll get years and years of use out of these puppies! Never suffer poorly made stuffed animals again!
ENJOYABLE! TEACH YOUR CHILD RESPONSIBILITY AND FUN: Our extra cute plush puppy dogs are 6 inches tall, come in a pack of 12, 6 different collectors and styles. What that means to you is 12 pawsome new fur-ever friends. What that REALLY means to you is your child is happy and learning responsibility, AND that ultimately means a happier home all around.
BUY WITH CONFIDENCE! 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: There's no question, these Plush Puppy Dogs have everything you're looking for! Check the Reviews and see what other customers have to say! With Bedwina you can be confident that your satisfaction is always our #1 priority and that we'll do everything in our power to make sure you have an excellent customer experience with the best selling stuffed animals for your children


Do you want to teach your child the responsibility of owning a pet without having to buy a dog just yet? These plush puppy dogs are the perfect gift for kids or toddlers! They also make cute party favors and are sure to be a hit. These Cute Puppy Stuffed Dogs come with 6 different styles so you'll be able to match it up with real dog breeds.

Most other plush puppy dog play sets are made of cheap material, and stitching that snags and falls apart. Puppies are made to love, and cheap material makes that nearly impossible! Our Plush puppy dogs are different.

These cute puppy stuffed dogs are made of soft, huggable, lovable, squeezable plush material that is durable enough to handle the normal wear and tear while still remaining soft and cuddly. The stitching won't come undone, so you'll get years and years out of fun out of these plush stuffed puppies. If you've been looking for the best party favors for your kid's animal themed birthday, then your search is over! That's because our stuffed animal puppies come in a pack of twelve, which means that it's the paw-sitively perfect party favor for the perfect price! If your kid is having a puppy themed birthday, these little plush puppies work perfect as party favors and are guaranteed to be a hit!

These stuffed animal dogs have everything you're looking for in stuffed puppy dogs. It's easy to see why customers love them! Our extra cute plush puppy dogs are 6 inches tall, come in a pack of 12, 6 different collectors and styles.

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