TRW TPM1561 Black Premium Semi-Metallic Front Disc Brake Pad Set

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Optimum Application Specific Friction Material and Formulation
All Applicable Hardware Accessories Included for a Professional and Safe Installation
TRW Brake Pads are Slotted and Chamfered for Superior Braking Performance
Bonded Nitrile Rubber Coated Steel Shim Construction Proven More Effective at Noise Damping
Designed with an Emphasis on Dust Reduction


TRW Automotive Semi Metallic Brake Pads

Choosing the right Semi Metallic brake pads is a big decision after all, they will be fitted to a vehicle carrying precious cargo; so you need to make an informed choice and get it right. With more than 100 years experience, we are pioneers in the development of braking systems and technologies and work closely with the worlds leading vehicle manufacturers. As a consumer, you should expect safety, quality and performance from a brake pad. With its superior range of Semi Metallic Brake Pads, TRW offers you all that, and more.

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Engineered with confidence performance guaranteed.

We design our Semi Metallic Brake Pads using vehicle-optimized friction formulations which are focussed on eliminating noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) and severely reducing wheel dust; while at the same time increasing durability and smooth braking actions.

We engineer our brake pads to precise Original Equipment (OE) standards, and test them to the extreme both in the lab and in real life, real road situations at every speed and on every terrain. In addition, our Semi Metallic Brake Pads deliver what we in the business call fadeless performance to counteract the heat that braking in heavy traffic creates which could result in a lack of performance.

Safety no compromise

All TRW products are taken to market under the Safety strapline. We never deviate from this and we never compromise because we believe that every stop could be that safety critical stop. We wouldnt put our name to something that we wouldnt fit in our own vehicles to transport our own families. All of this adds up to one fact: You really can trust TRW to provide superior Semi Metallic Brake Pads to deliver the ultimate in braking experience.

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Our offer put simply

For the best and safest performance - we mirror OE and provide the optimum friction formulation for each make and model. This removes any confusion over which formulation to choose
For the quietest braking - TRW applies bonded Nitrile rubber-coated steel shims; proven to be the best noise damping material to all its Semi Metallic Brake Pads
The intelligent design includes slots & chamfers which prevents dirt and dust build up on the friction surface; giving more effective contact and reducing noise
Using the latest technology, TRW designs its Semi Metallic Brake Pads with an emphasis on dust reduction; giving you the safest stop while keeping your wheels clean
We provide all necessary accessories, including installation hardware and grease, together with fitting instructions with each part for a safe and easy brake pad change
TRW covers 98% of all vehicles on the road in North America both imports and domestic

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Every customer and each stop matters. Thats why in every TRW Semi Metallic Brake Pad box, we include more than just premium parts we also include our unique knowledge, vast experience and unrivaled expertise.

For the safest and easiest Brake Pad change, choose TRW. The experts brand of choice.