KeySmart Ultimate Accessory Pack: Quick Disconnect, Key Dangler, Bottle Opener, 2-14 Keys Expansion Pack

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THE ULTIMATE ACCESSORY PACK FOR YOUR KEYSMART: Make your KeySmart even more awesome.
THE QUICK DISCONNECT IS ESSENTIAL: With the quick disconnect you will be able to easily attach and detach your large car keys from your KeySmart.
OPEN BOTTLES ANYWHERE: You will never need to look for a bottle opener again with this bottle opener attached to your KeySmart.
THE KEY DANGLER GIVES YOU INSTANT ACCESS TO YOUR KEYS: Your keys will always be in one spot making them easy to use. Save a few seconds each time you grab your keys.
EXPANDS YOUR KEYSMART UP TO 14 KEYS: With this expansion pack you will be able to fit between 2 and 14 keys on your KeySmart.


This accessory pack is the perfect addition to your KeySmart. They will turn your KeySmart into a fully functioning multi-tool.