G4Free Golf Umbrella Extra Large 54 Inch Windproof Oversize Automatic Double Canopy Vented Waterproof Stick Umbrellas Wine Red

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🌂1.Excellent size: 54" ; Double-canopy structure + windproof design + oversized, 54" fit 1 or 2 people.Oversize canopy and heavy duty the Golf Umbrella is an ideal companion for golfers, the business professional or for daily life.
🌂2.AUTO OPEN: simply press the button on the handle to open.To return, manually pull with your hand until you can hear an audible click.
🌂3.High-class quality :With its sleek all Colour design, comfortable ABS grip, sturdy Fiberglass frame And auto open mechanism, the Golf Umbrella is perfect in a metropolitan city or a sports field!
🌂4.Protection 210T pongee which can shake off raining instantly and offer you the most thoughtful protection during your travelling.
🌂5.Fits Into Most Golf Cart Mounts or Trolley Umbrella Holders - Protect You and Your Golfing Bag! The fiberglass construction made it strong enough to withstand strong winds.


About Us

G4Free 54 Inches Large golf umbrella is designed for both men and women

Premium quality of the umbrella would offer you a better protection in raining,

and the delicate craftsmanship guarantees the service life of the windproof umbrella.

Product Description:

Ergonomic Design Comfortable EVA grip handle

Single Hand Operation Simply press the button on the handle to open the canopy.

To return, manually pull with your hand until you can hear an audible click.

OPENS FAST Automatic Open functionality ensures that there will be no delay to your comfort.

Windproof The double-canopy design creates a vent during where wind can pass through,

making the umbrella much easier to handle in harsh conditions.

1 x windproof umbrella

1 x portable umbrella cover should be found in your package.