Life's Grape Dark Chocolate Raisins Vine Dried Grapes | Non-GMO, Gluten Free, and Kosher | Under 120 Calories | Snack Pack | .87 oz, Individual

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RAISINS REVAMPED: A vine-dried grape is exactly how it sounds! Once the grape is sweet and has the perfect characteristics, the grapes are left hanging on the vine to dry. Keeping the grapes slightly shaded under the canopy helps maintain all the flavor without getting unwanted flavors from a sunburn.
THE PERKS OF OUR DARK CHOCOLATE VINE DRIED GRAPES: Dark Chocolate Life's Grape Vine Dried Grapes are Non-GMO, Gluten Free, and Kosher. They're Mother Nature's tastiest treat, conveniently packed for you to grab, go, and take some GOOD LIFE ENERGY with you.
CHOCOLATE DIPPED: Life's Grape dark chocolate dipped vine-dried grapes are crafted with our very own, signature Selma Pete grapes and drenched in the most amazing dark chocolate you can imagine. We lightly dust them with our rich cocoa powder, to give them that perfect hint of sweetness to bring a little happiness to your day!
UNDER 120 CALORIES: Each serving of Life's Grape Vine Dried Grapes is under 100 calories! You can enjoy guilt-free. With no added sugar this makes the perfect snack for any little moment of the day.
NO SULFITES OR PRESERVATIVES: We don't use any sulfites or preservatives in our products.


WE'RE A WILD BUNCH: We're family-owned and at our core, we're farmers. We're stewards of the land. We also have an insane passion and commitment for quality, and our fruit feels it. That's why we grow, process, and package all our own grapes, using techniques that respect and renew the earth so our friends and fans can have a flavorful and healthful snack. You know what they say, farm to table freshness makes the grape taste just right.