Caldwell Pic Rail Brass Catcher with Picatinny Mount and Heat Resistant Mesh for Convenient Brass Collection

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Mounts to any rifle with a flat top or picatinny rail hand guard
Compatible with most A R/LR-308 models as well
Ideal for reloaders, no more lost brass and it never hits the ground
Fully adjustable, mounts virtually anywhere on a pic rail, rise of to rear of hand guard with pic rail
Quick two piece system with detent locking
Mounts virtually anywhere on a picatinny rail
Prevents hot brass from landing on shooter
Bracket has multiple detent locking locations to account for different thickness guns


The Caldwell Brass Catcher attaches to almost any Picatinny Rail via an anodized aluminum clamp and captures the ejected brass during operation. The clamp and wire frame are fully adjustable to work with almost any scope mount, optic or sight and allows brass to enter bag without disruption to bolt function or interrupt cycling. The quick detent locking attachment feature allows for quick installation and removal of the brass catcher; which allows for quick checking or clearing of the rifle chamber. The large capacity of 100 rounds prevents brass from being scattered around your shooting area and works great in preventing hot brass from landing on shooter or other people next to the shooter. Convenient zipper at bottom of mesh bag makes emptying simple.