Live Luv Lavish Premium Sports Gear Deodorizer and Disinfectant. The Natural and Organic Dry Launder Solution for All Your Fitness and Sports Equipment

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While other sports cleaners are watered down and do not get rid of all smells our Sports Gear Cleaner is a CONCENTRATED all natural formula packaged in a super EFFICIENT spray bottle so that more disinfectant is delivered without soaking your equipment. This means more cleanings per bottle compared to larges sized bottles full of filer ingredients. It also allows your equipment to be dry and fresh in time for tomorrow's practice.
GET THE STINK OUT of your kid's hockey, football, soccer and other sports equipment and keep that sports funk from infiltrating your car and home. Effective on helmets, gloves, shoes pads, shin guards, mats, gym bags and more.
Keep them safe by using this spray that ELIMINATES BACTERIA, FUNGUS, AND MORE from the items that touch their skin daily. Our antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial spray harnesses the power of all natural ingredients that kill the origin of the smell instead of just covering it up
Come in the PERFECT SIZE BOTTLE that can be stored at home or in a gym bag or the car so that equipment can be cleaned at whatever point is most convenient. By choosing our 8oz concentrated odor eliminator with specialized sprayer you get HUNDREDS OF CLEANINGS, much more than you get from a larger cleaners that uses filler ingredients.
We believe you deserve effective, high quality, all natural products from a company you can trust. This is why we design ALL NATURAL products that are free from chemicals, toxins and artificial smells and focus on transparency by listing all ingredients on every bottle. It is also why our mission is to provide the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE around and offer an unlimited SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. We are not happy until you are!


While sports are a great and important part of any kids or athletes life the stink that comes along with the gear can infiltrate the car and the home. Not to mention that the smell indicates dirty dried sweat that causes bacteria and fungus to start growing. Stop the funk today with your new Sports Gear Deodorizer and Disinfectant.

It is so important to disinfect your gear every time you use it but most of the products on the market only mask the smell and do not eliminate the germs and grime that is there, and the ones that do disinfect use harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients that have no place being on your skin. That is why we formulated our all natural & organic super effective spray. Pick up yours today!