Precision Xtra Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System Bundle Kit - Abbott Precision Xtra Meter + 30 Ketone Strips + 30 Glucose Strips + 100 Lancets + 100 Wipes + Complete Diabetes Testing Kit

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PREMIUM PACK : This Kit includes All Premium Branded items - 1 Precision Xtra Ketone Meter, 30 Precision Xtra Ketone Strips, 30 Precision Xtra Glucose Strips, 100 True Plus lancets, 100 BD Alcohol Wipes & Ntvel Carry Case
ACCURATE : Abbott Precision Xtra Ketone Test Strips and Blood Glucose Strips are Much More Accurate than Cheaper Competing Ones. Also, they just cant be compared to the dime-a-dozen urine test strips that test for aceto-acetate and not beta-hydroxybutyrate and has 2-4 hour lag time in measuring current ketones. These are the best in the market.
SAFE AND SIMPLE: The simple 2-step testing system which requires only a small blood sample size makes sterile testing easy and efficient every single day. The large screen and easy to use buttons make navigating this device and tracking ketone and glucose levels a breeze.
KETO ON THE GO: No cords and a compact design means this meter can easily fit into your purse or gym bag for convenient testing. Ideal for travel!
THE BEST TEST: This is a blood ketone monitoring kit, which is more accurate than dime-a-dozen urine strips that test for aceto-acetate and not beta-hydroxybutyrate. Urinalysis sticks and even other blood testing meters like cannot complete with this model. Easily track your goals and monitor your health without worry!


All in One Diabetic Testing Kit - Complete kit included
Whether you are newly diagnosed, embracing the ketogenic lifestyle or have been testing for years you can use this kit to better manage your diabetes and ketone levels.

1. Precision Xtra Glucose Meter / Ketone Meter
Designed to minimize errors and waste
3 buttons for easy results and navigation
450 Tests Memory with date & time with 7, 14 and 30 Day Averages

2. Precision Xtra Ketone Strips
Smaller sample size, 70 percent less blood
Faster test time only 10 seconds
Accurate assessment of current ketone status - 2 to 4 hours earlier than urine ketone strips

3. Precision Xtra Glucose Strips
Smaller 0.6 microliter sample size, 60 percent less blood
Faster test time only 5 seconds
No coding required

4. True Plus 28G Lancets
Very Thin and Made of steel for comfort. Sterilized for your protection
Also fit almost all other lancing devices

5. BD Alcohol Wipes
70% Isopropyl Alcohol - Cleaning your hands with an alcohol swab is an essential step before pricking your finger.

6. Ntvel Carry Case
For easy and organized storage and handy for travelling