Maca Coffee - The Morning Motivator - Great Tasting, Caffeine Free, Organic Superfood Blend - 1 lb - 50 Servings

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The Morning Motivator is a great tasing, caffeine free, organic superfood blend designed to energize your day without stressing your adrenals.
We recommend mixing The Morning Motivator into your favorite type of milk - either warm or cold. We like 1 T powder per cup of liquid, but you may prefer more or less. Have fun!
Contains 100% organic ingredients: Heritage Harvest Gelatinized Maca Powder, Raw Cacao Powder, Raw Coconut Sugar, Raw Mezquite Powder and Raw Lucuma Powder.
At The Maca team we are proud to source and sell the best selection of high quality Peruvian Maca products in the world.


By popular request we've created a line of Maca products designed to enhance or replace coffee and to energize your day without stressing your adrenals. They are 100% caffeine free and contain high quality organic superfoods that work together to give you sustained energy, elevated mood and natural hormone balance.

If you're concerned about managing your coffee intake wisely, about getting the most energy from your coffee and doing the least damage to your health in the process, then you'll want to consider adding Organic Maca powder to your coffee or replacing your coffee altogether. The positives are clear, especially when you choose a substitute for coffee based on Maca.

The major benefits of Maca over coffee include:

Leaving adrenal gland in peace
Providing long lasting energy
Enhancing memory focus and concentration
Increasing stamina and endurance
Supporting a healthy libido
Strengthening teeth and bones
Satisfying your appetite for several hours
Other potential "fringe" Maca benefits such as increased libido, hormone balance and more...