Macrame Cord 2mm X 210m(About 230 yd) Natural Virgin Cotton Handmade Decorations Perfect for Making Macram Bracelet Keychains Jewelry Crocheting Bohemia Dream Catcher DIY Crafts - Soft Cotton Twine

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SUPERIOR QUALITY: Unlike other competing products,this 2 mm cotton cord by Crafteza is manufactured with 100% pure, natural and high quality virgin cotton so it contains no scraps or recycled fabric, is completely odor-free and packaged with great care so that you get the perfect cord every time you buy it!
230 YARDS (210 METERS) OF COTTON CORD: We strongly believe in providing our customers more value for money as we understand that large macrame projects like wedding backdrops,window and door curtains need those extra knots to make them beautiful masterpieces! We are very confident that you will absolutely LOVE working with this 2mm cotton cord.Package contains cord only, macrame crafts are not included.
UNDYED AND ECO-FRIENDLY: No chemical dyes have been used in making this 100% biodegradable cotton twine making it harmless and an ideal eco-friendly choice for also making cat,bird and dog toys. It is also perfect for making different types of DIY Jewelery like friendship bracelets,earrings,keychain and various types of home decor products
3-PLY AND NATURAL COLOR: The natural color of the fibers makes this craft cord very attractive to work with for artisan of all levels with beginners to advanced skills as it is easy on your eyes. This multi-purpose 3-PLY cotton cord is also an ideal choice for dozens of household uses including but not limited to gift wrapping,handmade card decoration and tying herbs and vegetables in gardens for growth as required.
SOFT AND DURABLE: This strong cotton string will be a great addition to your macrame supplies as it can be used for making various DIY Crafts and macrame projects like macram wall hangings,plant hangers, Bohemian wedding arch decorations,wall tapestries,door curtain,dream catchers including knitting and scrapbooking.


Additional Product Information

This cotton cord is manufactured with 100% pure, natural and high quality virgin cotton, meaning it contains NO recycled or scrap material. Its soft and lovely to work with and your finished product will be quite strong as well. The strands are twisted rather than braided, so you can easily make a nice, fluffy fringe if your art calls for it.

A variety of widths is available for making everything from macrame wall hangings,friendship bracelets and unqiue macrame jewellery. This cord is unwaxed and will take dyes very well. It is hand washable in cold water.

Endless Possibilities

From Bohemian wedding arches to Macrame Hammocks, there are endless possibilities of marvelous masterpieces that can be created with this natural color cotton cord! Make your beautiful craft imaginations come to life with this high quality 2mm cotton rope.You will truly enjoy making different types of Macrame wall tapestries,Macram jewellery and DIY Crafts with this 2mm cord. We take extra care in making sure our cords are made to perfection to avoid snarles thereby making it a pleasure to work with!

Package Contents

A roll of 2mm diameter X 210 meters (about 230 yds) 100% natural cotton cord.

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