THE LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE NINJAGO City Docks 70657 Building Kit (3553 Pieces)

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Build a 2-level Old World, with adojo,sculptor's workshopandexplorer's house, and aharborwith acave,boat toyandcrane, and dive into ninja life at the NINJAGO City Docks
Features 13 minifigures includingninja minifiguresCole andGreen NinjaLloyd, Garmadon with 4katanas, Runde and Mystake, plus ababyfigure
Thisninja toyfor kids measures over 14" (37cm) high, 14" (38cm) wide and 9" (25cm) deep
3,553 pieces -Modular building setfor boys and girls aged 12+ and for fans and big kids of all ages THE LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE NINJAGO City Docks 70657ninja playsetcan be built together with all other original LEGO construction sets and LEGObuilding bricksfor creative play
Thebest toyforninja role-playand to recreate the iconic scene from THE LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE of Lloyd battling Garmadon on the rooftops


Have fun with Lloyd, Cole and friends at the LEGO Ninjago movie 70657 Ninja go city docks and defend against garmadons attacks. This highly detailed set features a harbor with a functioning crane and boat, and 2 levels of old world locations including a grocery store with tipping food display and rotating rotisserie; house with map room and kitchen/bedroom; sculptors Workshop; plus a Dojo. Experience modern Ninja go city life on the street with a Tearoom and an arcade with interchangeable billboards, buildable arcade games, functioning vending machine and a buildable Pig balloon attached to the roof. This set also includes 13 LEGO Ninjago mini figures.