I like that lamp Ring-8 Wire Lamp Shade Rings with US Style Spider Washer Fitter: Make Your Own Drum Lampshade - 8" Diameter

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DRUM LAMPSHADE RINGS - These rings are used at the top and bottom of round shaped, drum lampshades, giving the shade structure and support.
BEST QUALITY - Made from strong, sturdy galvanized steel wire that will last.
2 RINGS INCLUDED - A top ring with a spider (or washer) fitter and a plain bottom ring for making one lampshade.
MAKES A VERSATILE MODERN DRUM SHADE - Works well with a wide range of lamp styles from vintage to modern to contemporary. You can make DIY lampshades for table, floor and pendant lamps.
MAKES EASY LAMPSHADES TO PERSONALIZE WITH FABRIC OF YOUR CHOICE - Choose a fabric of your choice that matches your home decor and personal style.


Size:8" Diameter Spider

Make a DIY lampshade to love forever

Truly unique - you can use these galvanized steel wire lamp shade rings to make your own lamp shade in whatever color or style you want. These rings sit at the top and bottom of round, drum lamp shades.

2 rings in package

A top ring and a bottom ring in the same diameter are included. The top ring has a spider or (washer style) fitter - the most common type of fitter found in the US & Canada. The bottom ring is a standard, circular ring for giving the shade support.

2 lampshade spider (or washer fitter) rings in the same size for making one DIY cylindrical or drum-shaped lampshade.

This set requires a harp & finial in order to attach it to a lamp base.

5 Sizes to choose from - available in 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch, 14 inch and 16 inch diameters.

Made in USA.