Oberhaus Premium Collapsible Silicone Colander/Strainer with Stainless Steel Base (Available Colors: Red, Blue and Green) (Blue)

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MAXIMIZE KITCHEN FUNCTIONALITY with our space-saving colander. Its' huge 3-quart capacity collapses to just " when not in use, taking up just a quarter of the storage space of traditional strainers.
HEAT-RESISTANT to 340 F degrees. Place our Silicone Colander directly into a pot of water, boil pasta or other food, and then lift to drain. No more steam burns or hot water splashed on exposed skin.
RAISED MOLDED FEET let you set the colander in your sink without food contamination. Non-stick and stain-resistant, our colander cleans easily in the dishwasher and won't absorb odors or flavors.
NON-CORROSIVE STAINLESS STEEL bottom and rim ensure durability and maintain our colander's shape. Cut-out handles give you reliable grip and allow you to hang it inside a pantry or next to the stove.
BPA-FREE AND NON-TOXIC food-grade silicone for safety. Adjust the depth of our 9.5" colander to accommodate a little or a lot. At its' full 3-quart capacity, it prepares food for up to 6 people.


Make a little or make a lot

Our adjustable colander occupies minimal space in your kitchen. It collapses to just " thick when not in use so you can store it in a shallow drawer, hang it in a pantry or stand it on edge next to your dishes. Then it expands up to a spacious 3-quart capacity to tackle the cooking needs of 1 person or a family of 6. Use it to drain ground beef, rinse lettuce or boil pasta. Heat-resistant to 340 degrees, you can place it right into boiling water. Say good-bye to juggling a pot in 1 hand and a colander in the other. Simply lift the Oberhaus Colander right out of the pot with the pasta in it!

Rustproof and resistant to stains and odors

The Oberhaus Colander is made of food-grade silicone and non-corrosive stainless steel for a lifetime of culinary adventures. The metal bottom and rim provide shape, and complement the sturdy silicone for long-lasting durability. Non-stick and non-absorbent, it never loses its pristine condition to food stains or odors. For easy clean-up, simply throw it into the dishwasher; it will emerge looking brand-new.

Sure to become your most relied-on kitchen accessory

Non-slip molded feet on the bottom of our colander leave your hands free. Set it on a countertop or in the sink without risk of contamination. Rinse and toss lettuce, and then add in other ingredients. For dining alone, expand it to just 3". To feed a family, expand it fully to 4.5".

The space-saving design of our colander makes it ideal for small dwellings like dorms or for RV travel trailers and camping. The Oberhaus Colander is covered by a Lifetime Guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Add the Oberhaus Silicone Colander to your cart today, and simplify all of your favorite recipes.