Felson Billiard Supplies Mahogany Stain Triangle and Diamond Billiard Ball Racks

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RICH MAHOGANY FINISH - These billiard racks are coated with a rich mahogany finish for a vintage and antique vibe. The wood-like finish evokes a simple and classic design, perfect for any pool table.
PREMIUM SOLID WOOD MATERIAL - This rigid frame is constructed from high-quality solid hardwood for sturdiness and durability.
8-BALL TRIANGLE FRAME - The classic 8-ball triangle frame has a 12" base and measures 11.5" tall. It tightly packs the balls together for an infinitely better break.
9-BALL DIAMOND FRAME - The 9-ball diamond frame measures 11.75" tall by 8.25"wide. It arranges all of the balls neatly for every new game.
REGULATION SIZE - These frames are ideal for everything from games at home to organized pool tournaments. Both frames follow the official standard size of pool games.


Start an intense game of pool with these Triangle and Diamond Billiard Ball Racks from Felson Billiard Supplies! Made of premium-quality solid wood, these racks are sturdy and durable. They are extremely resilient and require little maintenance, unlike plastic racks, which are prone to bending and warping. Their rich mahogany stain finish exudes a simple and classic style thats perfect for any pool table. Give your pool table that classy vintage look, just like in an old-school billiards hall. These triangle and diamond billiard ball racks help you organize your billiard balls in no time at all. These frames are easy to use and convenient, giving you the confidence for a perfect break all the time. Both are regulation size, making them ideal for everything from pool games at home to organized billiards tournaments. The 8-ball triangle frame has a 12 base and is 11.5 tall, while the 9-ball diamond frame measures 11.75 tall by 8.25 wide. Complete your pool set with these frames and enjoy endless fun with your friends. A tight rack gives the advantage of an infinitely better break! Get great-looking billiard and pool accessories that wont let you down from Felson Billiard Supplies.