3PCS Egg Timer That Changes Color When Done Heat Sensitive Hard Medium Soft Boiled Perfect Egg Timers Yellow Chick

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Safe and Eco-friendly: Made of food grade and heat resistant eco-friendly resin material, this egg timer is completely safe for kids and adults.
Practical Gift: Most innovative color changing egg timer, absorb the heat to calculate the boiled time. It can be given as a gift to someone who loves soft-boiled or hard-boiled eggs.
Easy to Use : The egg timer changes colors to indicate when the boiling eggs reach the soft, medium and hard boiled stages. Boil eggs the easy way. Never guess and count seconds again. Anyone can make perfect boiled eggs with this egg timer.
Reusable: This boiled egg timer can be reusable, just simply hand wash and natural dry it after every time use and it will keep in a perfect condition without being broken or damaged.
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Are you still upset about not being able to master the time to cook eggs?
With this magical kitchen tool, you put it in the pot with the eggs and it will tell you when your eggs are completely soft, medium or hard.
It is a perfect egg timer! The egg timer is food-grade safe and won't affect the taste of eggs. The color changing boiled Egg Timer is one of the best kitchen partners you'll have.
It can be as party favors or Easter eggs gifts, your friend who loves soft-boiled or hard-boiled eggs will be happy to receive them.

Guidance for Use:
- Place the timer in the water with the eggs, and cover with at least an inch or two of room temperature water.
- Let water come to a boil.
- Watch it change color from yellow/purple to white, starting with the outside and moving towards the center.
When the "SOFT" area turns white, the yolk becomes soft;
When the "MEDIUM" area also turns white, the egg yolk becomes hard;
When the cartoon timer is completely white, the eggs are well done.
When the color changes to the point you need, you can take egg out and enjoy.
- After use, wash and dry it by hand and let it cool naturally on the counter for the next use.

-Material: Premium Non-Toxic Heat Resistant Eco-friendly Resin
-Item Weight: 65g/0.14lb
-Item Size: About 2.25 Inches Long(like a real egg size)
-Easily control the maturity of the eggs(Hard/Medium/Soft)
-Package included: 3 Egg Timer (yellow)

Warm Tips:
The temperature of the egg and the egg timer need at the same starting point,
and the refrigerated eggs and the room temperature timer are at different starting points, so the cooking time does not match.

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