Egg Timer Cartoon Sensitive Hard & Soft Boiled Color Changing Indicator Tells When Eggs Are Ready (Yellow 2pcs)

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[ Premium Nontoxic Heat - Resistant ] 100% BPA Free And Made Of Durable Food-Safe And Non-toxic Polyresin, It's COMPLETELY Safe For Kids And Adults Alike Perfect Gift Idea For ANYONE Who Eats Eggs (which Is Pretty Much Everyone!)
[ Very Easy to Use ] - This egg timer will take the guess work out of boiling eggs! As the timer heats up, the face changes color, indicating soft, medium, hard and stages in between, absorbing heat exactly as an egg does. The result is the perfect boiled egg!
[ Prefect Kitchen Gadget ] - Simply Place Timer in Boiling Water with the Eggs and watch it change color as you cook from red to white, which starting with the outside and moving towards the center. When the color change reaches your desired spot on the scale of soft to hard-boiled, simply take your perfectly cooked eggs out and enjoy!
[ Recommended Handwash Only ] - This egg boiler timer is very easy to clean, we recommend by hand wash for a faster easier clean anytime any day without being broken or damaged.Please do not put in cold water immediately after use.
[ LIFETIME WARRANTY ] - If this egg timer is broken or melt, feel-free to return it to us and get your money back guarantee within 60 days!


Boiling an egg is an irritating task especially when you always end up getting the egg boiled irregularly or not as you wished for.
Many of the times when you try to check it, either it breaks or cracks or you hurt yourself.
That irritating Time is NO MORE!

We have the Smart Egg Timer that will now solve the issue for You.
This wonderful egg timer is the perfect solution for what your eggs need.

- Fun Boiling Egg Time with Innovative Color Changing Egg Timer
- Perfect result of boiled Egg as You desired (Soft, Medium or Hard)
- Easy Handwash Cleaning
- Premium Non-Toxic Heat Resistant Resin Material
- Eliminates Over or Under Cooking
- About 2.2 Inches Long (About The Size Of An Egg)

If you don't absolutely love your item or if there are any issues please contact us and we will refund or replace it for you.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. 60 DAYS MONEY BACK WARRANTY.