Jolly Time Select Popcorn Kernels - Premium Yellow Non-GMO Popping Corn, 30-Ounce Jars (Pack of 6)

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Case of 6 jars; Each jar contains 30-ounces of yellow popcorn kernels
Premium yellow popcorn kernels. Pops large and fluffy.
100% Whole Grain; Non-GMO Popcorn; Gluten Free; High in Fiber
JOLLY TIME is America's first popcorn brand; a 4th generation family-owned business since 1914
Grown and Packaged in USA


Grown in America's heartland, JOLLY TIME brings you SELECT Yellow IOO% whole grain, premium popcom for your snacking pleasure. JOLLY TIME SELECT guarantees you large fluffy kernels with bursts of wholesome flavor. Five generations of the Smith family have taken pride in bringing you the best popcom products on the market. Our farmers have been hand-selected and our yellow popping kernels have been developed to perfection over the 100 years that we have been growing and packaging popcorn. Whether in an air popper, over the stovetop, or around the campfire, we promise Jolly Time Select Premium Kernels will pop perfectly and taste great. A gluten-free, whole grain and non-GMO snack that is high in fiber. You will be receiving six 30-ounce jars of Jolly Time Select Yellow Popping Kernels.