25 Pounds Non-GMO Whole Kernel Corn - All Natural Yellow Corn, Deer and Squirrel Corn, Corn Hole Game, Distillery, Tortillas, Corn Meal, Flour

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Deer Corn, Squirrel Feed, Corn Hole, Crafts, Heat Pads, and much more
NON-GMO Whole Yellow Kernel Corn
Many uses, Kids love it and animals do to, you can even plant it to grow more
Grown, Cleaned, Inspected, and Shipped by CZ Grain from our farm in Iowa


2017 CROP THIS CORN IS FROM IOWA-Winter is fast approaching! Time to stock up on some whole kernal corn to feed to your backyard wildlife! This is fresh picked Iowa ear corn. squirrels will be happy happy. We will fill a box with 25 POUNDS OF WHOLE KERNEL CORN . All CORN WAS HAND PICKED AND SHELLED BY HAND.All this corn come from 2017 year and was all hand picked and shelled and CAN ALSO BE USED FOR ARTS&CRAFTS,CORN HEATERS,DISTILLERIES OR WHAT EVER YOU MAY WANT TO DO WITH IT