Great Northern Popcorn 4103 Bulk Fifty Yellow Popcorn, 50 Pound

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Premium gourmet yellow popcorn kernels individually selected for their superior expansion qualities and tender flakes
Perfect for those looking for the value of a bulk purchase
Recommended cooking instructions:always use three parts corn to one part oil
Packaged in a moisture proof bag for maximum freshness
GNP corn is an industry leader and our corn yields the largest, fluffiest, and most tender popcorn available without a prescription


50lb pound bulk, single bag, the great northern popcorn company has a reputation for quality and quality is the key to great taste. The GNP secret starts with our premium-quality gourmet popcorn. If it does not meet our standards, we do not ship it. Combine the top quality corn with GNP's proprietary blend of extra-fine buttery flavored seasoned salt, and exclusive low-melt oil and you have the taste and aroma of hot, fresh theater-quality popcorn for you or your customers to enjoy and remember. These premium grade yellow kernels let you have fresh, hot, tasty popcorn while watching movies, at parties, or at social events in your home, office, church, or business. This is the same popcorn that is sold to major league baseball stadiums, movie theaters, vendors, and more. If you have ever had popcorn at a ball park or movie theater, you have probably already tasted this popcorn. Our premium-quality, gourmet popcorn, will provide the taste and aroma of hot, fresh theater-quality popcorn for your customers to enjoy and remember.