RBC Redi-Base Cooking Seafood Base, 8oz.

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Seafood First Ingredient
Makes 2 1/2 gallons broth
Formulated for Professional Chefs
Refrigerate upon receipt
Contains Shellfish


Redi-Base Cooking Seafood Base creates an excellent seafood stock for chowders, soups, bisques, sauces, and enhances pasta dishes or to season stuffing. An all-purpose paste base or seasoning made from lobster, shrimp, crab, clams, bonito, sea salt, and other natural ingredients. All the ingredients are non-GMO. The base contains no added MSG, artificial ingredients, hydrolyzed proteins, and disodium inosinate or disodium guanylate and is laboratory tested to be gluten-free (less than 20 ppm gliadin). Cooked seafood as the first ingredient, this base dissolves in water or other liquids for quick and easy preparation.