Sour Apple Flavoring Concentrate (PG) 1 oz

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Used For Hard Candy Flavoring, Smoothies, Frostings, etc.
No alcohol
High Concentrate
Natural & Artificial Flavors


Contains: Non Flavor Ingredient (NFI): Propylene Glycol (PG) - a solvent for food colorings, flavors and is soluble in water No Lactic Acid No Acetoin and Acetyl Proprionyl No Diacetyl Does NOT contain any other solvent, Glycerin or Ethanol No Artificial Sweeteners No Vegetable Oils Sugar Free ~ Gluten Free Usage: 1 oz to 40 lbs, 1 lb hard candy = 1 cup sugar recipe DO NOT USE UNDILUTED ~~~ This is a highly concentrated flavor to be used in many diluted recipe applications.