AB Earth Set of 4 Pool Cues 2-Piece 57" Billiard House Bar Pool Sticks with Screw-on Tips (Set of 4)

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WHAT YOU GET: 4pcs screw-on tip pool cues(No extra tips).
SPECIFICATION: 13mm screw-on leather tip. 5/16 x 18 Joint. 57 inches. 19oz~21oz. Stylish decal Maple butt. Skidproof linen wraps.
LONG SERVICE LIFE: Solid Brass Ferrule. Facts proved that the service time of Solid Brass Ferrule is above two times higher than traditional fibre ferrule.
SAVE YOUR TIME: You can quick and easy replace the damaged screw-on tip in 9 seconds by plier or dry fingers.
STRAIGHT EXOTIC MAPLE: Made of Exotic Canadian AAAA Maple which is natural drying for 2 years.