Vanknight PS4 Pro Unique Skin Decal Stickers Set for PlayStation Console Controllers

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Please check with your stickers carefully in the packing of the sticker. ONLY stickers with Vanknight logo are produced by Vanknight. Any stickers without Vanknight logo are FAKE and not guaranteed by Vanknight!
Notice: Decals Only fit for PS4 Pro, Will NOT Fit for Regular PS4 or PS4 Slim. First Class vinyl material, easy to stick and remove, no scratches left. Decals including 1x Console skin, 2x Controllers skin decals.
Precision cut, easy access for buttons, controls, connectors.
Protect your whole console and controllers from dust and scratches. Professional decals making, stylish & fashionable design.
Install: 1.Clean the surface thoroughly firstly 2.Apply each piece of decal carefully 3. (Optional) Using a hair dryer if it doesn't stick well or repeat apply


A good decal skin not only helps to protect your Xbox One X from dust and scratches, but also keep it in good look.
Decal easy to install and remove, no scratch will be left when decal has been removed.