Yard Butler Deluxe Heavy Duty Wall Mount Hose Hanger Easily Holds 100 Of 5/8 Hose Solid Steel Extra Bracing And Patented Design In NEW COLORS and DECORATIVE DESIGNS IHCWM-1 Textured Forest Green

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HEAVY DUTY 12 gauge powder coated steel with extra bracing and patented design (US Patent #D462254) that prevents sagging, eliminates crimps, kinks and tangles and extends hose life.
MILLIONS OF UNITS SOLD Yard Butler is the original designer and manufacturer of this classic hose holder.
PRO TIP Easily holds 125' of 5/8" hose. To store even more hose more quickly, mount the caddy higher up on any wall or fencepost and use big easy loops.
NEW BRIGHT NEW COLORS AND DESIGNS for personalized yards and gardens.
YARD BUTLER'S NO RISK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If it is not perfect for you, return it for a full refund or replacement.


We have sold literally millions of these hose hangers since patenting the design because they work incredibly well and are a great value. The Yard Butler Deluxe Wall Mount Hose Hanger eliminates crimps, kinks and tangles, keeping the yard cleaner and neater while extending hose life. It also works great for organizing electrical cords, air hoses, or anything else that needs to be coiled for storage. Heavy duty bracing prevents sagging. Now, NEW bright colors and decorative designs that make your yard and garden more beautiful so you can really make your outdoor space your own.