SkyTrak Launch Monitor with Metal Protective Case

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Launch monitor, golf simulator, a game improvement tool while you practice indoors or play virtual golf
Practice on an indoor virtual driving range, real time data and accuracy with instant 3D ball flight
SkyTrak measurable parameters: ball speed, distance, launch angle, club speed, spin rates and more
Open up a new world of game improving practice, hours of entertainment, rain or shine, at home
Receiving your order requires a signature, someone needs to be home to sign for the package


The first personal launch monitor of its kind. SkyTrak is a realistic and real-time golf practice and play system designed for indoor golf. Keep your golf game sharp throughout the year with a SkyTrak launch monitor and golf simulator. This compact unit wirelessly connects to your compatible device and provides immediate shot launch data and ball flight visual feedback as soon as you hit the ball. SkyTrak accurately measures ball speed, launch angle, backspin, club speed, side spin and side angle. SkyTrak displays carry distance, offline and total distance to simulate indoor practice and indoor play as if you were on the course or practice range. Fun challenges like closest to the pin, long drive and target challenge. Game improvement tools like bag mapping, skills assessment and wedge matrixs. Now integrated with golf course simulation partners like World Golf Tour, TruGolf E6 and The Golf Club Game. Each functionality allows users to play some of the world's top golf courses all from the comfort of your home. Golf course simulation partners require an additional fee on top of the SkyTrak game improvement software. Open up a new world of game improving indoor practice and hours of entertainment away from the course. SkyTrak launch monitor and SkyTrak protective metal case included in this package. Receiving your order requires a signature, someone needs to be home to sign for the package. SkyTrak Sold on Amazon can only be shipped to a US address. SkyTrak warranty is only valid for the USA. Customers taking US SkyTrak product outside of the USA are responsible for any and all shipping cost to and from repair facility and any repair charges. Customer is also responsible for all duties and taxes charged by local, state and country government.