Household Essentials 971840-1 Wide Top 4-Leg Mega Ironing Board with Adjustable Height and Bonus Sleeve Board | Natural Cotton Cover

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Large pressing station ironing board (surface is 18 x 49 inches) with attached iron holder and sleeve board
Built in sleeve board pulls out and stows away quickly while metal legs folds down for easy storage
Features angled easy access iron holder, with heat resistant pads, and hanger bar that keeps freshly ironed shirts, pants, and sheets wrinkle-free
100% cotton cover and thick 6mm, 100% polyester fiber pad installed
31-38 "H x 18"W x 49"L


Household Essentials Wide Top Mega Pressing Station lets you take advantage of every wrinkle-smoothing sweep of your iron. This ironing board has all of the perks of a conventional board and then some! Its fixed iron rest holds your hot iron safely; the hanger bar holds your freshly pressed clothes; and the attachable sleeve board makes pressing sleeves utterly simple! The sleeve board even stows away for easy fold up and storage. As always, the thick, seamless ironing surface keeps lines smooth. Ironing enthusiasts, Household Essentials Wide Top Mega Pressing Station is for you. Go forth boldly. Iron the sheets, the pillowcases, and the towels. May others follow your lead. Or your iron. This wide top ironing board is 31-38 inches high (with height adjustment), 18 inches wide, and 49 inches long.