8Bitdo SN30 2.4G Wireless Controller for SNES Classic Edition

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2.4G wireless retro Controller for your SNES classic Edition or SFC classic Edition
Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery built in
Highest quality retro Controller available, designed with attention and care
Includes SN30 2.4G Controller, 2.4G receiver and USB cable


Play your SNES and SFC Classic Edition wirelessly with 8Bitdos new 2.4G controllers for Nintendos SNES and SFC Classic Edition consoles. Plug and play. No lag.

Includes: SN30 2.4G or SF30 2.4G Controller, USB Cable

Reviews of SN30 2.4G / SF30 2.4G:

"the SN30 feels exactly like a standard SNES controller...The buttons and D-pad all feel great...the biggest compliment I can give the SN30 is that I rarely noticed any differences from the standard SNES controller while using it." The Verge

"8Bitdos SN30 Wireless Gamepad is a Perfect Controller for the SNES Classic Edition" - Geek

"there's an amazingly simple, elegantly retro solution from 8bitdo in these wireless Super Nintendo gamepads that cost just $25 apiece. I cannot suggest the 8bitdo wireless Super Nintendo controller enough."
- Business Insider

Having tested these out onSuper Metroidas well asF-Zeroon the SNES Classic Edition, I can say that they are as good as the previous releases from 8Bitdo. - Forbes

"In terms of build quality, which is always a concern when it comes to third-party gamepads, the SN30 and SF30 are on par with how the classic gamepad feels thats included with the SNES Classic." Mobile Syrup