Bunting Bearings EXEF061008 Extra Lubricant with PTFE Flange Bearing, Powdered Metal, SAE 841, 3/8" Bore x 5/8" OD x 1/2" Length x 7/8" Flange OD x 1/16" Flange Thickness (Pack of 3)

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Used in Low Speed Applications
Large Working Temperature Range, 10 F to 220 F
Conformance to ASTM chemical and physical properties


For stop, start and slow speed applications 841 EXTRA is the recommended choice. These bearings contain SAE 30 oil with a finely dispersed PTFE. The PTFE in the oil greatly reduces friction and helps to develop a full lubrication film which is especially required on start up. A smoother and quieter operation, an easier break-in period and longer life can be achieved.