Plastic Cheerleading Megaphones, 8 Inches Tall, (Pack 16) Pearlized Dark Blue Color

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Made in America, Lead Free, Food Safe, No BPA, Recyclable
Brilliant Navy Pearlized Color
Different Mixes of Colors & Quantities in My Amazon Store
8 Inches Tall, 5 1/2" Large Opening 1 1/2 Inches Smaller Opening
FDA Approved Materials


8 Inches Tall Cheerleading Pearl Dark Blue Plastic Megaphones. Made in USA, Lead Free, Food Safe, No BPA. Tops in Quality, Durable, No Rough Edges, No Seams and Brilliant in Color. Megaphones used for Cheerleading, School Fun Raisers, Decorate for Homecomings and Center Pieces for Sports Events.