Shirt Stays for Men Shirt Garters Holder Adjustable Elastic Garter Belt Holders with No-Slip Closure Locking Clamps - 2 Stays (1 Pair)

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QUALITY: we have placed quality at the heart of all elements of the design and build of our product. This includes strong clips, attractive and durable elastic straps that gives the product a finer look and a more slimline design, use of strong nylon thread that is also soft to the skin as well as attractive and recyclable packaging.
DESIGN: each garter comes with 3 metal buckles, can hang your shirt firmly and keep straight , with gels inside the garter, effectively for anti-slip, keeping a tight hold on your clothing, ensuring a perfect grip.
ADJUSTABLE EASY TO US: This shirt garter is going around the thigh and adjustable, you can adjust according to your leg size, convenient and easy to use.
VERSATILE DESIGN: the shirt stays allow each of the 3 straps to be individually adjusted for length. this ensures a more comfortable fit that can be adjusted to the shape of your shirt tails so that tension is distributed equally amongst the straps.
ASSEMBLE: perfect for formal and professional attire to keep the appearance, sharp and impressed in public. A slimmer choice, both for men and women.


Keep your shirts neat and smooth,while preventing socks from slouching.
Material: Nylon / polyester. Soft and comfortable to wear.
Washable: The strap is elastic and withstand washing.
Loop length (relax): 36-46cm, stretchy length (max): 60cm
Garter length (relax): 10-15cm, stretchy length (max): 20cm.

Package Including

1 Pairs Shirt Tail