Shirt Keeper 1.5"x60"

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Shirt stay belt by Shirt Lock will keep your shirt tucked in all day!
Velcro-type material grips the nap on your shirt holding it in place!
If you've ever worn shirt stays or the rubber belt, you'll love Shirt Lock!
Worn as an undergarment belt, completely hidden from view!


Shirt Lock is made of a flexible, hook on hook material that is worn over your shirt and under your pants, about 2" below your waistline. The belt grips both the shirt and the pants, holding your shirt tails down and your pants up. Shirt Lock was developed for men and women. Whether it be for business, military and police uniforms, Scouts, school, sports, or ROTC, Shirt Lock will keep you looking tailored and professional. It's a great alternative to suspenders, shirt stays, or the rubber belt. We recommend the 1.5 width for officers wearing a Duty Belt as it provides extra support. As seen in Police, Law Enforcement, and Ansom Magazines and at Police Safety Expo 2010, Trexpo East, SWAT Round Up 2010, Restaurant/Hospitality Show 2010, and SHOT 2011-2013. Shirt Lock recommends the 60" belt for waist sizes up to 58". Caution: May cause pilling (pulls) in certain fabric. Some materials are more susceptible to pilling. We do not recommend use on silk or wool garments. Because Shirt Lock is worn on the part of the shirt that is inside the pants, any pilling will be below the waist and out of sight. Shirt Lock is Airport Friendly! Made in the USA