Capri Tools 10020 Flat and Lock Washers Assortment, Stainless Steel, 350-Piece

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Assortment of quality washers for home, automotive, and shop use
This set includes six most used sizes for flat and lock washers
Stainless steel with superior rust resistant galvanized finish to ensure long lasting results
Includes organizing case to store tools without risk of loss and damage
This exceptional value set features a massive collection of piece lock and flat washers


Capri Tools lock and flat washer assortment set contains the most used sizes. Washers are stainless steel with a superior rust resistant galvanized finish. Includes organizing case with the following: 50 pieces #6 flat washer, 50 pieces #6 lock washer, 40 pieces #8 flat washer, 40 pieces #8 lock washer, 30 pieces #10 flat washer, 30 pieces #10 lock washer, 25 pieces flat washer, 25 pieces lock washer, 15 pieces 5/16 flat washer, 15 pieces 5/16 lock washer, 15 pieces 3/8 flat washer and 15 pieces 3/8 lock washer.