Amber Necklace for Adult Women and MenHandcrafted of First-Rate,Raw Baltic Amber Beads,Natural Immunity Booster, HeadacheMigraine,Joint Arthritis Pain Relief, Size 19-20 inches

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BALTIC ELEMENTS OF NATURAL CURE. Natural healers identifyBaltic amberas one of the most powerful natural elements. It is believed thatraw Baltic amberhelps deal withheadache,migraines, arthritis, and works asnatural pain relief. By wearing this curativeraw amber necklace, you will reconnect style to the ancient traditions ofnatural healing.
LUXURIOUS ORIGINS. Only the best of the bestBaltic amber beadspass a meticulous selection procedure to even be considered for use in the making of curativeBaltic amber jewelry for women. For millions of years, these luxurious amber gems have been hidden in the sea, waiting to become the most special item of yourhandmade jewelry. Desired by the Roman nobles and the Egyptian pharaohs, these handmaderaw Baltic amber necklacesare now available to you.
SPIRITUAL DESIGN. It takes a pair of golden hands to craft ethnic jewelry from amber, the gold of the Baltic sea. Amber is the paramount element in the tradition of Baltic mysticism, so it is only fitting that all "Baltic Elements" designs are created by renowned Lithuanian ethno-designers. Every Baltic amber necklace is both a fashion statement, and a work of art. This magical piece of natural beauty will stay in your family for generations, while growing in value with every passing year.
STRESS-FREE PURCHASE. Orders are dispatched immediately after purchase. Returns are easy to manage, and are accepted for three months after the purchase. As a sign of our devotion to all things amber, we will pack yourraw Baltic amber necklacefor adultsin a charming little box together with an official authenticity certificate.
WHY "BALTIC ELEMENTS". We put our heart and soul intoauthentic ambercraftsmanship, so that compassionate people can reconnect with nature and enjoy all the good that is hidden in amber. Our first-rate raw Baltic amber beads are rich in succinite (up to 8%) and are one of the most efficient on the market.


At "Baltic Elements", we handcraft curative amber jewelry for both style and wellbeing. Only the best of the best raw Baltic amber gems pass a meticulous selection procedure to even be considered for use in the making of curative amber necklaces for women and men. Fished out in the leading amber mines of Kaliningrad, these specially selected raw amber beads feature abundant amounts of succinic acid (up to 8 %), which gives amber its protective and curative properties.

Amber enthusiasts all over the world believe that raw Baltic amber works as a natural migraine relief, natural headache relief, natural arthritis pain relief, natural joint pain relief, and natural carpal tunnel relief.

Unlike the modern industry, nature doesn't play the game of one product for one effect. Mined from the depths of the Baltic sea, Baltic amber is a multi-purpose natural element. By choosing to wear an elegant healing amber necklace, you will make a strong fashion statement, while also enjoying the curative powers of amber, the gold of the Baltic Sea.

Health benefits reported by thousands of consumers

Supreme efficiency - succinic acid levels up to 8%

Handcrafted with love by renowned ethnic-designers

Reconnect style to the ancient traditions of natural healing!