SpeedTech Lights Vireo 100-Watt Handheld Police Siren and Emergency Vehicle Siren System with Horn and Handheld PA Microphone

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HANDHELD CONTROLLER - Control everything from your handheld controller
LOUD & POWERFUL - 100-watt siren system output with compact design
MULTIPLE SIREN TONES - Wail, Yelp, Sting, Tool, Hi-Lo & Horn
ADDITIONAL A/B/C/D BUTTONS - Connect warning lights to these buttons for full vehicle control
LED INDICATOR - Buttons LED light up when powered on


The Vireo 100 Watt Siren is one of the most unique but desired police siren systems on the market. With a variety of features and mounting capabilities, this system can be applicable to any vehicle. This vehicle siren system by SpeedTech Lights features a hand held control panel which functions both as the microphone and control faceplate of the siren system and warning lights. With buttons for powering the siren tones and 4 buttons for installing warning lights up to 10 AMPs to this siren system, the possibilities are endless from such a compact siren unit. From a variety of siren tones, to the ability to control multiple lighting products, there is no better siren system for the cost than the SpeedTech Lights Vireo 100-watt siren.Features:
  • Powered by 12V
  • Clear sound frequency
  • Amplifier output power of 100-watts
  • Independent siren tones for easy selection
  • Siren tones include: Wail, Yelp, Sting, Siren, Horn, Tool, Hi-lo
  • Includes flat brackets for mounting amplifier
  • Includes hand-held microphone/controller with 4 light control options up to 10 AMPs each
  • Microphone clip included
  • Includes 8.5 feet of cable to speaker, power, and 4 other units
  • Includes 2 feet of coiled cable which extends to 4 feet plus a 10 foot extension cable from amp to microphone/controller
  • Speaker sold separately
  • Amplifier Dimensions: 6 L x 2 H x 6.5 D
  • Microphone/Controller Dimensions: 2 L x 4.5 H x 1 D
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