Wide Rib Rubber Corrugated Non-Slip Mat - 1/8" x 3' x 10' Black Utility Runner Mats

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Corrugated rubber runner mat with wide ribs for easy cleaning
Maximizes grip and and safety
Protects floors of all kinds: truck beds, wood, carpet, cement, tile
Runner design allows traffic direction easily and clearly
Ideal for working surfaces such as worktables, garage floors, attics, workshops, and more!


MZA Outfitters is pleased to announce our Wide Rib Rubber Runner Mats! It is currently available in a 36 inch width with thick ribs that offer excellent traction and grip. The wide rib design is ideal for heavy traffic areas to protect the flooring below from damage, debris, or soiling while maximizing comfort and cleanliness. The runner mats are designed to help direct traffic with their 10 foot lengths, or they can be easily cut to accommodate different surfaces. They are excellent for temporary situations such as wet aisles or walkways, construction floor protection, event flooring protection, and have even been utilized as truck bed liners, horse trailer flooring, and worktable coverings. They are made from SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) which makes them waterproof and gives them some UV and chemical protection as well (can be placed outdoors for long periods of time). Most household cleaners will be ideal for cleaning and maintenance without damaging the mat.