NFC Tag Game Cards for the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Switch/Wii U - 22pcs Mini Cards with Crystal Case

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Compatible with Nintendo Switch, Wii U and New 3DS systems. Get cool in-game extras with accessories
Make from Plastic, NFC tag in the card, Water-proof and Wear-resistant
22pcs/pack (No Repeat) with Crystal Case
Small Size: 1.25*0.85*0.05 inches, Easy to carry
NOT Amiibo, Third-party NFC tag Cards


Other Accessories in Images Are NOT Included, Game Cards Only!
A card can only be used once per day.

How to use in wild breath:
1--Finish the first Temple challenge
2--Press "+" bottom in game,choose "system--options"
3--Set the amibo option in "use amibo"
4--Put the card on right stick

22pcs/Pack No Repeat
No.1 Wolf Link - 20 HEARTS
No.2 Breath of the Wild - Mipha
No.3 Breath of the Wild - Revali
No.4 Breath of the Wild - Daruk
No.5 Breath of the Wild - Urbosa
No.6 Breath of the Wild - Zelda
No.7 Breath of the Wild - Link (Archer)
No.8 Breath of the Wild - Bokoblin
No.9 Breath of the Wild - Guardian
No.10 Breath of the Wild - Link (Rider)
No.11 The Legend of Zelda - Zelda The Wind Waker
No.12 The Legend of Zelda - Toon Link The Wind Waker
No.13 The Legend of Zelda - Link Majora's Mask
No.14 The Legend of Zelda - Link Ocarina of Time
No.15 The Legend of Zelda - Link Skyward Sword
No.16 The Legend of Zelda - Link Twilight Princess
No.17 The Legend of Zelda - 8 Bit Link
No.18 Super Smash Bros - Ganondorf
No.19 Super Smash Bros - Link
No.20 Super Smash Bros - Sheik
No.21 Super Smash Bros - Toon Link
No.22 Super Smash Bros - Zelda